Experience an unplugged, safe and magical festival, celebrating nature, games, folklore, history, outdoors, traditional arts & crafts, dance and music - in a fairytale setting.

Reconnect with your WILDHOOD - as a family - while exploring and camping within the beautiful Tullibole Castle grounds. Against a backdrop of enchanting Scottish woodlands, discover the 17th Century castle, an enigmatic maze, beautiful moat, a few surprises and of course, the rare delight of revelling in life’s simple pleasures.

So, please join us for a spell. Switch off and step inside the wondrous world of WILDHOOD….

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Peek-a-boo creatures of the forest, a monster of the deep lurking in the moat, ribbons of colour drifting on the breeze, twinkle lights and lanterns illuminating our storytelling trees, bold backdrops, secret hideouts, trails of wonder and a woodland throne room.  Last year, our wildly talented set designers helped to conjure the magic of WILDHOOD. This year, our wizards are once again in their workshop - planning, painting and playing! Watch our social media spaces for exciting sneak peeks, as we set the stage for WILDHOOD 2019…

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Did you know - once upon a time - King James knighted his host at Tullibole Castle for his entertainment alone? It’s true - play time in the Kingdom of WILDHOOD is fit for royalty! And, with this in mind, our WILDHOOD theme for 2019 is Kings and Queens. So, think like royalty and dress to impress! Polish up your crown, dust off your robe, bring some bling in your royal carriage, camp or caravan…and march like a monarch during our festival parades. Set your imagination free and become the King or Queen of your very own WILDHOOD.

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We just know you’ll fall in love with the Kingdom of WILDHOOD. In fact, we can pinkie promise it!

Take a look at our 3 WILDHOOD Golden Rules below to help keep our wonderland pristine, safe and beautiful.

Also, we truly want our WILDHOOD kingdom to be the greenest in all the land! So, in collaboration with performers, participants and caterers, our team is working to create an even more earth-friendly festival in 2019. Watch our social spaces for inspiring updates...

Please follow these 3 Golden Rules to help keep our wonderland pristine, safe and beautiful…

1) By royal WILDHOOD decree, we declare that plastic is rubbish! So, please guard against it and say no to single-use plastic, wherever possible. Reduce. Reuse. Refill. Recycle. Refuse. 

2) On the lightest wind, rubbish will blow, so please clean and recycle wherever you go! It’s the WILDHOOD way…

3) Behave like the King or Queen of your own domain. BYO reusable - and oh-so-regal — picnicware.  We love to see a treasure trove of keep cups, refillable bottles, travel utensils and eco-straws. Remember, your efforts - big and small - really do make a difference to our shared world. You'll also earn the gratitude and respect of our resident wildlife!