On favourite things…

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Honestly everything the kids did they enjoyed as did we! Stone carving, dirt battery, water filtration, cinema yurt, fairy godmother, graffiti art, pony ride, birds of prey, bumble bee making and playing with natural objects to fill in animal outlines, ukulele band, pond dipping, story telling in various locations and styles, arts and crafts table, wishing tree, flower headband making; when I asked the kids what their favourite thing was they said it all and I would honestly say the same!

Boat building, fairy godmother, storytelling tree, storytelling yurt at fairy godmother, maze and rugby tots!

4year old son loved the fairy godmother, the spray painting and dressing up. Mummy loved the grounds, the amazing loos esp with baby changing facilities, the sweet style and non commercial/unhurried vibe. Dad loved the bar and the variety of workshops on offer, free and simple parking. Our baby loved the space esp the grassy areas to crawl on and playing with the ribbons.

Science, Fairy Godmother, natural arts, stone carving, hedgehog making, circus, hula hoops, dragon, ukulele band, pond dipping

The setting in general! We didn't do much, son is 18 months. Enjoyed pottering about watching and spotting things. Baby sensory was super. Loved the bananas! And the wandering circus performers.

When we discussed the day on the way home, the 3 of us agreed that our two favourite things were the circus workshop where we were doing acrobatic type things together (the girls loved doing the superman thing on my feet!) and the stone carving, which we only just managed to be able to do as it was so busy! I also loved the fact the parade wasn't just a parade, there was a song to learn first! I loved the storytelling inside the tree, it was such a cool setting! There were other things we wanted to try but there just weren't enough hours in the day!

Everything by Aerospace Kinross, the storytelling, having an ice cream while watching the Barrow Band, stone carving, sensory nightline. We enjoyed everything we did. The grounds of the castle were perfect for this event.

All of them without doubt!

The Ladies of Elsewhere, mask making, bug sweeping, graffiti garden, pony and trap ride, making floral headbands, making dream catchers from willow, making hedgehogs - they were all favourites! Impossible to choose.

Slack line, ponies on both days, science, Lino printing, flower garlands - to wear, pond/moat dipping, cinema, rugby toys, fairy lady, singing stories 2 ladies, stone carving,

Although we never took part the parade through the forest was brilliant to watch - I loved it all - the floral headband making was fun, my son loved the dragon sleeping! Everyone enjoyed the pond dipping too.

Stone carving, circus activities, secret tree storytelling, cinema tent, woodland walk/ workshops, play activities (pretty much everything) oh and breakdancing and mostly sitting by the castle relaxing and enjoying the amazing atmosphere!

The stone carving was fantastic-ALL of us loved it! Fairy Godmother Training was super special. The arts and crafts & unicorn riding were great fun too.

Juggling/circus, the graffiti garden, maze, science groups, storytelling, Cinemor and Lino printing. Just about everything!! Great variety.


On value for money…

99% of our festival go-ers said yes, they thought WILDHOOD represented good value for money.

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On favourite things…

With an enormous amount of activities, workshops and experiences of offer, here’s what our visitors loved the most…

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On the memories…

It’s all about the memories for us at WILDHOOD and here’s what folks thought of the festival as a whole…